Google in Deal to Build Telecom Cable to France

2021-03-30 23:24:44 admin

French telecommunications company Orange (ORAN) announced it was working with Alphabet Inc.  Google on a 4,101-mile underwater cable - dubbed the "Dunant" - that will link the United States to the French Atlantic coast by late 2020.

Once it's hooked up, the Dunant will allow enough bandwidth to send a gigabyte-sized movie in just 30 microseconds and enable Orange to meet data and content demands over the Atlantic, from Europe and the U.S., for the next several years, said the company.

Under the deal, Orange is building and operating a coastal landing station and will provide the "backhaul" service to Paris, said the company, adding that it would benefit from the super-high speed service from the cable.

Orange also said the project would put it in a stronger position to serve customers in Europe and America.

"Dunant will help address the huge demand for data flows and provide quicker and more efficient connections for both Orange and Google customers," said the French company in a statement.

The first new underwater cable connecting the two nations in 15 years, the Dunant is named after Red Cross-founder Henry Dunant, the first Nobel peace prize winner, according to a report in the Guardian newspaper.

American depositary shares of Orange rose 1.6%, while Alphabet slipped 0.6%.

copy by Adam Smith