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Customized Strategic Solutions 

Shortage Sourcing

Navigate shortages with agile sourcing

Our agile sourcing services includes the facilitation of manufacturing and procurement relationships – the work related to price negotiations such as production scheduling, quality assurance, supply chain management, and assistance with locating freight forwarders when requested.

We also offer end-of-life, forecast management, and materials planning. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your supply chain needs are fully met.

Often, a shortage situation occurs in the market due to an imbalance of product. Alltruetech helps our customers navigate these situations by matching buyers and sellers of electronic components. Through our years of transactional data and use of customer and industry mapping, we can strategically procure and move excess product around the market to mitigate shortages in supply.


Seamlessly overcome obsolescence

End-of-life (EOL) refers to the final stages of a product or component’s lifecycle. With our vast portfolio of original equipment manufacturers and our inventory management system, we are able to supply you with access to EOL and other scarce components.

Avoid hasty substitutions or questionable sources by partnering with Alltruetech to build a proactive strategy for uninterrupted sourcing of the parts you need.

Broad Global Supply

Buffer Stock

Alternative Options

Cost Savings

Lower your costs
while getting the components you need

Alltruetech’s market intelligence and cutting-edge technology helps maximize your cost savings. We offers flexible programs that promise you a stable, long-term inventory supply.

Our Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCA) will provide you with a line-by-line analysis of your historic data. With all of our cost reduction services, you can expect a solid, comprehensive strategy for present and future cost savings.

Price Targeting

Purchase-Price Variance (PPV) Services

Flexible Options

BOM Evaluations

One-stop solution source for over 3000 manufacturers

Our expert commodity managers can provide BOM evaluations and alternative cross solutions. You can reduce your transactional costs and see significant savings.

It can take hours (if not longer) to set up new suppliers. We can help reduce this time sink and optimize your resources by eliminating the ramp-up time for noncritical supplier management. Centralizing select purchases through Allturetech saves time and money and keeps you moving with the products you need.

One-stop Service

Time and Resource Savings

Improved Global Supply Chain


Count on reliable support at all stages

From materials planning, to forecasting, to scheduling orders, managing your inventory can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

Alltruetech provide integrated, and custom strategic solutions for third-party procurement management, inspections, warehousing, logistics.Our solutions are designed to reduce material procurement and administrative costs, increase inventory turns, improve cash to cash cycle times, and eliminate high costs associated with shortage and excess mitigation.

Our flexible inventory management solutions ranging from storage and consignment to outright purchase. Lessen warehouse personnel costs and inventory management expenditures by having Allturetech handle your VMI, EOL and LTB stocks.


Optimize your operational processes

Kitting is the physical act of assembling a production-ready kit of parts and components to be delivered to a point of assembly for the making of an electronic device. Employing electronic component kitting allows the assembly line to move more efficiently and effectively. This cost-effective solution will increase production speed by simplifying the process allowing you to save time in an organized fashion.

We have years of experience in all aspects of kitting and order processing. We meticulously follow every order’s specifications and alterations, so every shipment is perfectly prepared, packaged, and shipped to customers.

Alltruetech’s kitting solutions let you start right out of the box, with the parts you need tested, sorted, and ready to go. Kits are tailored to your unique requirements and can help ensure quality and standardization even in challenging settings like field locations.